Blvd. V. Parvan 4
Timisoara 300223
Timis, Romania
cabinet: 506



Welcome to the Institute for Social and Political Research (ICSP) -

Institutul de Cercetări Social-Politice!

ICSP is constituted as a research institute associated to the Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication Sciences Faculty, West University, Timişoara. ICSP focuses primarily on philosophical, cultural-political, and social communication studies and brings together over 30 staff and postdoctoral students.

    The Institute’s academic members and postdoctoral students actively engage and collaborate with similar national academic structures, cultural agencies, media industries and public organizations, and international research centers. Much of our research is organized via three main research directions which are divided in a number of small collaborative research groups. We are working towards the establishment of ICSP’s role as an independent voice and a highly respected source of critical analysis within the Romanian public-cultural landscape.

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